Can friendship make you happy?

Can friends make you happy? Most of the people that you consider friends do not make you happy. Surprised? Because, really, there are two kinds of friends. The wrong ones and the good ones. Unfortunately, most of your friends are the wrong ones. What! Yes, read...

Prediabetes diagnosis: Do not let prediabetes kill you

I have pre diabetes. I have begun my fight to prevent diabetes. Join me. Let’s educate each other and fight prediabetes together. In this post, I have gathered all there is to know about pre-diabetes, what it is, what are the symptoms, complications, tests, and screening criteria. I have also tried to gather all relevant statistics about the lurking dangers if the pre-diabetes turns into diabetes

Active mornings, passive nights

How to maximally utilize your mornings and nights? If you are hacking your daily routines, read on to find the most important tip of all.

Benefits of waking early

A lot has been said about waking early in the morning. But why should you sacrifice your morning Zzzzzzs? What can you possibly achieve by getting up earlier?

How to become an early riser?

You want to be an early riser. You have tried do, for a long time. How do you do it? This article lists the top strategies to become an early riser.