The Happiness Course

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In a first of its kind, we present The Happiness Course. Schools, colleges, and universities never really had this course. But research has shown that happy people do more in life. More in every which way. Career, relationships, finances or any other aspect that is important to you. It depends on you being happy. If you are unhappy, you cannot perform well in any setting. If you are happy, you will thrive in any setting. In other words, this is an essential course for anything else you do in your life. So, please make sure you enroll in the course. It is free!

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This course, broken into several self-paced modules, will help you understand the elusive happiness. It will shatter all the myths that you currently have about happiness. It will point you to the right strategies for achieving happiness. Not the fleeting kind, but the everlasting kind. In creating this course, we have referred to tons of state-of-the-art research in the area of happiness. We have tried to connect happiness with most of the important aspects of life. We have tried to create a modularized structure that is digestible in chunks, but at the same time, complete. In fact, you will find that each module is a course in itself. As needed, we will also recommend the right resources for further enhancing your knowledge of this field.

It is important that you do this course with a slow pace, instead of finishing off all the topics today. Take time to study the topics. Take time to digest them. Assimilate them. Build the habit of happiness. Do it over time. Slowly. Without struggling and abandoning your current commitments and goals. The happiness habit takes a lot of time to build. Do not rush. In fact, as you will see later in this course, rushing through activities and learning is detrimental to happiness, do not do it. If you feel tempted to, feel free to peek through the material today. Even for modules destined for the next few days. But do not overload yourself with too much information at the onset. Take it slow. It has been observed that it takes about 21 days to establish a habit. If you did do this course for the next 20-30 days, it is my guarantee that the process, tips, and strategies will stick. They will make a mark on your brain. Enough to help you sail through the complexities, uncertainties and challenges of life. Just breathe and have patience.

To ensure that the ideas stick and that you are able to benefit the most from this course, we have also included several self-evaluation modules that you can utilize as you progress through this course. Each module ends with a quick review of the main concepts to facilitate recollection of the main ideas.

The best way to interact and to stay committed to this course is through the comment system. Make the best use of it to voice your opinions and to present your challenges. You will be surprised to find that a lot of people have the same concerns as you have. We will try to address these concerns to the best of our ability. Sometimes, other attendees of the course will also bring invaluable information that you can apply to your own situations. Let’s collectively make this the ultimate resource in happiness. For us. For you. And also for the generations to come.

This is a free course. Free, as in “no money required”. We want you to be happy. We want everyone to be happy. However, to access the course, you will need to create a login. For that, we need an email address. Why? Because we want you to be committed to this course and to the happiness community. We do not want you to browse this page today and forget about it tomorrow. We want you to stay patient and come back. If we notice reduced activity from you, we will assume that you have either forgotten about the course or the website. We will try to gently remind you to get back on track. Think of us like your gym partner or a friend that brings you back on track, should you miss a session. Of course, if you no longer feel like continuing the course, you can always opt out of the course at any time, and we will not persist any records. We respect your privacy in taking this course.

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